Japan Rail Pass

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Japan Rail Pass

Japan Rail Pass card is one of the key things that almost everyone traveling to Japan will need. It is a card that allows unlimited usage of Japan Rail trains, including the Shinkansen (high-speed trains). The only train you cannot take using this card is the Nozomi Shinkansen, the fastest high-speed train that makes very few stops along its way.

JR Pass card allows to save a lot of money. Prices for the card at this time are:

- 29,110 yen (about 210€): 7-day JR Pass

- 46,390 yen (about 335€): 14-day JR Pass

- 59,350 yen (about 430€): 21-day JR Pass

Taking into account that each high-speed train ticket between Tokyo and Osaka is about 100€ and that train tickets for the average Tokyo ride are about 2€, the JR Pass is really worth its price.

Japan Rail Pass

JR Pass card can only be bought outside of Japan, before making the trip. You can buy it at travel agencies. What you will receive is not the actual JR Pass but a document that you will need to exchange at a JR Station for a real JR Pass card.

Japan Rail Pass

When I bought my JR Pass I got a map and a timetable that helped me to plan my trips ^^.

Japan Rail Pass

Once you got your JR Pass at a Japan Rail station, it will be valid for the specified period. For going into or out of the train stations, you need to show the card to Japan Rail employees, so you cannot use the automatic access machines.


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